The Essex Tai Chi Academy is a not-for-profit organisation operated by volunteer instructors. We are dedicated to teaching the techniques and benefits of Tai Chi as originally taught by Master Moy Lin-Shin (1931-1998).

Adapted from martial arts, Tai Chi is gentle exercise that allows you to stretch your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a natural way, creating a feeling of relaxation and providing real health benefits.

We welcome young and old alike and have become known for our relaxed and friendly approach to teaching. We also offer our services to partners in traditional health and social care agencies.

We offer classes in both Tai Chi and Lok Hup Ba Fa.

The Academy is concerned only with Tai Chi and is not affiliated with any religious groups.

Testimonials about Essex Tai Chi Academy

I am a fairly new student to Tai Chi.   I suffered an unexpected sudden bout of ill health two years ago and underwent a major neurosurgical procedure. As a result I suffered from balance and co-ordination problems and weakness of my left side. I am so glad I conquered my nerves and attended my first class, I was made to feel very welcome and safe. I have made steady progress and have seen a real improvement, I am now able to complete a whole set, even taking steps backwards a real achievement for me. Whilst I struggle with equal and opposite arm movements these movements really help with my co-ordination and challenge my brain to lean new things exactly what I need. I have had so many positive comments from friends and family regarding improvement to my mobility since undertaking Tai Chi which is really positive. I have seen a real improvement in my physical health and psychological well being and thank my instructor and fellow students for their support and patience. – Kim

Tai chi works wonders for my back and I do it at home every time I have any pain. Would not be as mobile without it. It also strengthens your bones which has been proven. – Anon

Tai chi: a most relaxing and balletic movement; which brings tranquility with elegance. – Anon

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