I am a fairly new student to Tai Chi.   I suffered an unexpected sudden bout of ill health two years ago and underwent a major neurosurgical procedure. As a result I suffered from balance and co-ordination problems and weakness of my left side. I am so glad I conquered my nerves and attended my first class, I was made to feel very welcome and safe. I have made steady progress and have seen a real improvement, I am now able to complete a whole set, even taking steps backwards a real achievement for me. Whilst I struggle with equal and opposite arm movements these movements really help with my co-ordination and challenge my brain to lean new things exactly what I need. I have had so many positive comments from friends and family regarding improvement to my mobility since undertaking Tai Chi which is really positive. I have seen a real improvement in my physical health and psychological well being and thank my instructor and fellow students for their support and patience. – Kim

Tai chi works wonders for my back and I do it at home every time I have any pain. Would not be as mobile without it. It also strengthens your bones which has been proven. – Anon

Tai chi: a most relaxing and balletic movement; which brings tranquility with elegance. – Anon

Physically tai chi helps me keep supple. Mentally it is very important to aid powers of concentration. – Joe

After having a heart attack 30 years ago, I was advised to take up tai chi by the specialist. At 80 years of age I still do it and am very thankful for it. – Clive

Tai chi is such a crucial part of my life that I only chose to move once I had established there were local classes. For me tai chi represents companionship, mobility and mental peacefulness. – Anon

Total concentration necessary gives relief for two hours from everyday worries. – Anon

Since starting Tai Chi several years ago, I now find I have much-improved leg strength, balance and overall flexibility. These have helped me develop better posture and self-confidence. – Anon

On nearly completing  my first year of doing  Tai Chi I find that it is a wonderful way to gently exercise and stretch the body,
a great way to exercise the brain as you need to concentrate and the  perfect way to meet some really lovely people. – Jan

It is the only form of exercise which helps keep my arthritis at bay, without increasing the pain. – Anon