AGM and Chinese New Year

ETCA Admin2 | February 26, 2024 |

AGM Saturday 10th February 2024

About 88 people attended this year’s AGM. Promise of a busy interesting day.
For the AGM, seated on the Stage were Lisa Kay Chair. Judy Lee-Fenton Vice Chair, Marin Bishop Treasurer and Cait Goddard Membership/ Minutes Secretary.
Rest of the attending Instructors and Assistants were seated in the front row.
Well, after the official business was complete the day kicked off with coffee then with members divided into two halves the 108 Tai Chi set was successfully done by each half.
The day continued with the customary Chinese take-away from Lian. A visit from a New Year Dragon, which gave us pleasure and amusement, with a dance to the rhythm of the drums.
Followed up by demonstrations of all the forms that our Academy teach, Lok Hup, Sword, Sabre, Fan, Yi Yin Jing and Qigong. Plus another two sets of Tai Chi.

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