Tai Chi

Tai Chi, also written Taiji, Taijiquan or T’ai Chi Ch’uan, is a slow and gentle weight-bearing exercise taught as a sequence of moves or postures.

It can be described as a moving meditation, a series of circular movements with gentle, rhythmic stretching, turning and extending of the body and limbs. Moves are balanced stretches with no sudden or high-impact transfer of weight. The effect is to strengthen and exercise every part of the body, opening up joints and massaging internal organs.

There are many styles and variations of Tai Chi taught throughout the world. Our particular variation is based on the Traditional Yang style 108-move set, as modified by Master Moy Lin-Shin. He borrowed from Taoist internal arts, Lokhupbafa, XingYi and BaGua.

Although Tai Chi has its roots in martial arts, we emphasize the health benefits of the art. Practiced diligently, and in a relaxed manner, Tai Chi can increase the student’s circulation and flexibility, leading to improved health and a feeling of greater vitality.

This video shows some of our instructors practising the sequence we call “the first 17”