It is the only form of exercise which helps keep my arthritis at bay, without increasing the pain. – Anon

I have only attended the class for three weeks but I must just say what an amazing time I have had. I practised kung fu for twenty years so I know a little about the art.  I was blown away with the skill and knowledge of the teachers and also must say the wonderful welcome from all concerned. – Tony

When I started practising Tai Chi three years ago, I had a balance problem, which has  improved to a point where I have not fallen for a long time. I am convinced this is due to the effect of practising Tai Chi. –  John

The dedication and seemingly endless patience of our T’ai Chi instructors is inspiring.  – Pedro

The benefits of belonging to Essex Tai Chi Academy stretch far beyond the great benefits of Tai Chi. – Rose

I have done Tai Chi on and off over the past five years.  For the later two years I have learned and practiced with Mike and Mary at the Essex Tai Chi Academy and in that time have understood more about Tai Chi.  I have suffered for several years with osteoarthritis and I have found that the pain is less – almost non-existent – and the stiffness gone.  I have more mobility now than the past few years. – Marcy

Enjoyable way to keep fit with an enthusiastic group of people and extremely patient encouraging teachers. – Olive

I was recently diagnosed with arthritis of the knee, and had difficulty climbing the stairs. Since joining the Academy the exercise involved has evidently strengthened the joint and I can now run up and down the stairs with no pain in the knee whatsoever. – Anon