20 Year Anniversary Commemoration, Toronto

Toni Walsh | June 11, 2018 |

Wednesday 6th June 2018 was the 20th anniversary of the death of Moy Lin-shin. To mark this event, the Canadian Tai Chi Academy held a workshop and commemorative tribute to Mr Moy, to which Academy members from around the world were invited.

Six members of the Essex Tai Chi Academy made the trip to Toronto to take part in the event held from the 5th through to the 10th June. There were six from other UK Academies and many from across Canada. There were five days of workshops, in various locations. As well as tai chi there were sessions on lok hup, sword, sabre, chanting, meditation and stretching.

On the Saturday evening there was a Japanese buffet, followed by cake. Afterwards there were talks, photos, and memories from some of those who had known Mr Moy.

On the Sunday morning Mrs Kwan, a highly respected student of Mr Moy’s visited the workshop. She is in her 90’s but was able to talk about her experiences, through an interpreter, and demonstrate some of the things she has worked on over many years.

It was a great opportunity for tai-chiers to get together and express thanks for Mr Moy’s legacy; to meet old acquaintances and make new friends in the tai chi family. And of course to play lots of tai chi!

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